Virtual Office London

Virtual offices are enjoying boomtime, most especially in the centres of commerce, which naturally includes London.


Well, although there are many reasons why a business would want to rent a virtual office in London, you can actually sum up the benefits in just one word…


Presence is what it’s all about. If you can say your company has offices in a good London address, it tells people - your customers, your suppliers, your partners, the media - that yours is a business that needs to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, though, offices in the City, in Canary Wharf, in Shoreditch, Mayfair or Grays Inn Road - these places have some serious rents attached to them, often putting them far beyond the possibilities of a small start-up business. In some cases, a company on a low budget may get “lucky” and find a small office available in the place they need to be, but it’s unlikely to be very high quality, and who wants to base themselves in unpleasant working conditions just for the sake of an address?

The answer, then, is clearly to find a virtual office.

That way, the company can rent a good quality premises out of town, more within their budget and where staff will be comfortable and the company pay for lower rent. But it can also benefit from having a central London business address - business post can be received there and passed on; calls can be answered and handled there (you are issued with an 020 number), and the address registered at Companies House. And no-one is the wiser.

Note also that if you need instant receipt of mail, you can pay for an additional service with some providers where it is opened, scanned and emailed by an inhouse professional admin team. So in many respects there is actually very little difference in having the virtual office, and being based in London.

In fact such are the possibilities of renting London virtual offices that many providers will let your business easily upgrade to a serviced office. So should you have an upcoming need to see clients in London, or you need to base some staff there either long or short-term, you can rent an office space of the dimensions and facilities you need, with meeting space available, for very little cost and great flexibility of contract terms.

Let’s run through these benefits properly:

  • Established presence in the UK capital for finance, technology, law and media, for little cost
  • Enhanced reputation gives competitive advantage
  • Minimal red tape to fill in in order to secure registration at Companies House
  • All the administrative facilities you would expect from the most professional office, cutting costs dramatically
  • Redirect funds elsewhere in the business
  • Easy to set-up (same day in many instances)
  • Flexible terms and contract lengths
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade services as and when your business needs

Making the business case for virtual London offices is a no-brainer. In fact you might think, even if your company doesn’t really need it, maybe you should anyway, since the monthly service cost is so inexpensive that you may as well have your company “based” in London and reap the extra benefits.