Are serviced offices right for your business? -

With an economy fighting its way back to peak health, a new generation of budding entrepreneurs coming through, especially in the tech industries, and commercial property rates in London that remain sky-high, it’s no surprise that London office space is at an all-time premium, and that serviced offices are enjoying a boom. Here’s why…

Ease of search

There are abundant serviced offices in London, and further afield, with no shortage of information and imagery, including portfolios, online. Narrowing a list of premises down to four or five potentials is easy, saving a lot of time on viewings. It’s also very important to note that one can find serviced offices in virtually every part of the City, so if a company needs to be surrounded by other media businesses, or situated near the law courts, or the financial district, or to have plenty of entertainment options in the area, there is sure to be a place available.

Flexible Contracts

Most serviced office space in London is available on flexible short-term contracts, so businesses that are likely to expand or contract at short notice have the ability to take on more space, or reduce their requirements, without difficulty. It makes for far greater peace of mind, knowing that if your company is entering a period of growth it won’t be restricted by the terms of your leasing agreement.

Fast Set-Up

Once a selection has been made, a business can move in almost immediately. Most London serviced offices come fully-furnished, with well-stocked kitchen areas and comprehensive facilities, so it’s simply a matter of signing a contract, making an initial payment and hooking up to the Wifi. Minimal business interruption.

No Stress Solution

When a business rents office space it doesn’t then need to worry about hiring administrative staff, security or cleaners - everything is included in the package price. So employees will enter a secure, clean building every morning, and all mail, visitors and phone enquiries will be efficiently and professionally dealt with by an in-house team, with no organisational worries.

Meeting Space

One concern for some businesses renting London serviced offices is how to deal with meetings, or training sessions. The better office space always comes with ample facilities for this situation, which can usually be booked by the hour, half-day or full-day. Meeting space is going to be comfortable, with AV equipment and often in quite impressive rooms. It’s not uncommon to find other more informal breakout space in some offices, even hip open rooftop space or courtyards in some premises.

Why your business needs a telephone answering service -

A business needs to make a strong first impression from the first time a client steps over its threshold, or the first time they telephone the office. That’s why it’s increasingly common now for companies to hire a specialist phone answering service to handle their incoming calls. For a set monthly fee there are numerous advantages which can be extremely beneficial to smaller start-ups as well as those more established. If you’re interested to know why a telephone answering service might be right for your company, then read on…


A virtual receptionist lends your business a professional image at all times of day and night. No need to worry about an important call ringing around desks for five minutes until someone picks it up; or it being answered by an employee having a bad day, or worse, with a mouth full of food! The virtual receptionist answers promptly, with perfect telephone manner, polite and helpful, and should be exactly the impression you want your company to project to clients.


Leasing a professional message taking service ensures that there’s no chance of missed calls, or messages not being taken, both of which can cause serious communication problems. If your business is just starting out then every lead matters, so why take the chance of important details not getting through. It means that staff can turn their mobile phones off during meetings without worries about being disconnected, and that calls coming through from other countries outside working hours will still be handled.

Cost Savings

A telephone answering service requires a set regular fee. There are no other costs to worry about - no national insurance or employment contracts to prepare; no lunch breaks or sickness time, or holidays to cover. Small businesses will find this extremely valuable as it allows for time and money to be invested elsewhere. It’s also possible to find some short-term contracts that deal especially with contingency cover.


Business owners can be comfortable working from home, on the train or in a cafe, safe in the knowledge that they won’t be missing any calls coming through, or that the caller won’t know they’re not at their desk.


Many marketing calls requires significant numbers of calls to be made, often across timezones. Certain telephone packages allow for large volumes of calls at reduced rates, and can cut staffing needs, thereby increasing the chances of success for the campaign